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Changing Domicile to Florida?

Changing domicile from a high-income tax state is complex, time consuming, and highly invasive. Your current home state has no intention of allowing you to take away your tax dollars without a fight.


  Are You Prepared?

Introducing Six Months and a Day®

Six Months and a Day® leverages proprietary software and white glove personalized planning to prepare clients for the domicile change process.

Wooden Hut

Audit Trail

We’ve reversed engineered state residency audit procedures and requirements to help you build your personalized audit trail

Risk Assessment

Understand your residency audit risk though our proprietary SixMAD Score™ system, based on your answers to over 150 questions

Domicile Change Plan

We help you design and execute your Domicile Change plan based on your change factors, including observations, suggestions and next steps

Our Platform

Through our proprietary software, we identify your specific change factors and your level of preparedness for a future residency audit

One-Stop Shop

Six Months and a Day is your one stop shop to help you manage all the tasks associated with transferring domicile from a high-income tax state

Our audit trail software and 'white glove' concierge service help prepare our clients before they get audited

Our Process

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Ready to Get Started?

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