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Changing domicile from a high income tax state is complex, invasive, and can cost you significant back taxes when you least expect it.

Are You Prepared?


Changing your domicile can be daunting, time consuming, and highly invasive.

Your current home state has no intention of allowing you to take away your tax dollars without a fight!

If you’re not properly prepared, it can cost you significant back taxes when you least expect it.

White Glove Service

Audit Trail

We’ve reverse engineered state income tax residency requirements to help you plan and execute a domicile change.

Our Process

We review your unique situation to find the right solution for your needs and 
provide observations and suggestions to improve as needed. 


Our Platform

We identify significant ‘change’ events, plan time-based goals, maintain records, report on progress, and build your unique strategies.

Risk Assessment

Use our Audit Risk Score to understand your risk and help prepare for an audit.

Domicile Change Plan

 Your Domicile Change Advisor will help you make informed decisions and prepare for the inevitable residency audit.

One-Stop Shop

Six Months and a Day is your one stop shop to help you manage all the tasks associated with transferring domicile from a high-income tax state.

Learn More About Our White Glove Service


Six Months and a Day is a one stop shop to manage all the tasks associated with transferring domicile to a no-income tax state.

Identify significant ‘change’ events, plan your audit trail, maintain records and documents, analyze risk, report on progress and work with us to build a unique strategy based on your circumstances.



Income tax rate in NY is 12.7% (8.82% state tax and 3.876 city tax)



You can now only deduct $10,000 on the state and local tax deduction(SALT)



There are more than 300 auditors in NY State alone



Is the AVERAGE owed in back taxes after a residency audit has been conducted



There have been more than 20,000 residency audits conducted in the last 5 years



There has been a 90% increase in back taxes owed from 2017-2018

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