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Your SixMAD score:

Your Six Months and a Day® (SixMAD) score tracks your audit risk and degree of preparedness based on your unique answers to your audit trail. Your SixMAD score will update each time you complete an item in your domicile change strategy. Your goal is to get as close to the maximum score of 619 as possible, updating your audit trail as you complete the suggested change factors on your Domicile Change Playbook.

What is Risk Score?

Your risk score estimates your potential risk of a future audit by your state tax authority. This is primarily based on your current domicile state, your income, and other circumstances reflected in your automated audit trail.

What is Preparedness Score?

Your preparedness score tracks your answers to both the primary change factors and ancillary change factors included in your automated audit trail.

What are your Potential Tax Savings?

Your potential tax savings reflects your current state income tax dollar amount multiplied by three, because states typically use a three-year look back during residency audit process.

What is your Domicile Change Date?

Your domicile change date is the day that you set to implement your domicile change strategy. It is suggested to tie your change date goal to a life event such as retirement, the sale of a business, moving truck, etc.

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