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Moving from New York to Florida?

Our experienced Domicile Change Advisors can help you manage all aspects of your move while mitigating audit risks associated with moving to a no tax state.

White Glove Services


You've thought of everything, right?

There's many pieces to moving to another state.
Talk to one of our Domicile Change Advisors to learn how our White Glove Service can help save you time and money when moving to a no-tax state. 


Audit Trail

We’ve reverse engineered state income tax residency requirements to help you plan and execute a domicile change.

Our Process

We review your unique situation to find the right solution for your needs and 
provide observations and suggestions to improve as needed. 


Our Platform

We identify significant ‘change’ events, plan time-based goals, maintain records, report on progress, and build your unique strategies.

Risk Assessment

Use our Audit Risk Score to understand your risk and help prepare for an audit.

Domicile Change Plan

 Your Domicile Change Advisor will help you make informed decisions and prepare for the inevitable residency audit.

One-Stop Shop

Six Months and a Day is your one stop shop to help you manage all the tasks associated with transferring domicile from a high-income tax state.


Six Months and a Day is a one stop shop to manage all the tasks associated with transferring domicile to a no-income tax state.

We can help you identify significant ‘change’ events, plan your audit trail, maintain records and documents, analyze risk, report on progress, and work with you to build a unique strategy based on your circumstances.

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